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How to go into labor?

Natural labor inducing remedies help

This article shares a collection of the best answers to the question How to go into labor?

Black Cohosh and Blue Cohosh

These herbs are considered to be the most effective for inducing labor or making weak contractions stronger and more successful. Buy tinctures of both herbs and combine ten drops of each in a little bit of water. Take the mixture in the morning, after lunch, and then every hour until bedtime. If contractions fail to start by evening, wait a couple of days, and try again. Even after contractions begin, you can continue to take the mixture if your labor is weak. Just remember that an overdose can be very harmful for you and your baby. For some, Black and Blue Cohosh increase the risk of bleeding, which can be serious during labor.

Evening Primrose Oil

This oil, which has been used to help with symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and menopause, has been shown to help ?ripen? the cervix and get it ready for the birth process. The usual recommended dosage is 500 mgs. three times per day. Some women also insert two gel caps into the vagina at bedtime.

Flax Seed Oil

This is another very beneficial oil which not only contains vitamins, minerals, and Omega-3 fatty acids, but is helpful in ripening the cervix. You can take it in liquid or gel cap form, but bear in mind that it can sometimes act as a laxative.

Cinnamon Stick Tea

Some women have found that boiling cinnamon sticks to make a tea has been effective in bringing on labor. This is certainly a painless option because it tastes delicious!

Spicy Food

Some women are certain it was the chicken curry that sent them to the hospital, but this technique can be a little risky. Spicy food makes some women vomit, so you will probably want to avoid this one if you have a sensitive stomach. If you?ve had a stomach of iron even during your pregnancy and other methods have failed, however, you will probably want to try this one.

Pineapple, Kiwi, and Mango

These fruits contain an enzyme that has been shown to cause contractions. Many women have had especially good results from eating moderate quantities of pineapple.

acupressure and Reflexology

After you?ve watched your due date whiz by on the calendar, you?re probably willing to try most anything. You can certainly try a number of these techniques, but nothing has been shown to be effective for more women than acupressure and reflexology. If you learn a few of the best acupoints on the body and apply pressure, you are almost certain to be holding your little one in your arms before you know it!

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