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1. Has your computer's performance become unpredictable?
2. Are you plagued by popups, or cryptic error messages that seem to have no cause?
3. Does your system slow down? Do you even feel like there are programs running in the background that you don't know about?
4. With all the sensitive data on your PC, are you sure its safe from hackers and identity thieves?
  Odds are, you have Malware and Spyware already invading your system. Don't run the risk of losing your privacy or - worse - having your identity stolen! Use MalwareRemovalBOT, and protect yourself from Online attack!
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Installing MalwareRemovalBOT offers you state-of-the art protection from Malware and Spyware. Download it now and instantly gain a defense against Online Spies and Hackers.  
- Removes Spyware and Data Stealers
- Removes Malware and Harmful Programs
- Blocks Future Attacks
- Alerts you to assaults on your Privacy
- Improves the performance of your PC
- Protects your Identity

- All updates
- Free 24/7 Technical Support

- Windows 98, ME, XP, 2000 or Vista
- A 100MHz Processor

MalwareRemovalBOT, 2009 Edition,
Including the Latest Features
Added for maximum protection!

Q1 What is MalwareRemovalBOT?
  MalwareRemovalBOT is a scanning engine that analyzes your computer's hard-drive. It seeks out Malware and Spyware and, once it finds it, gives you the option to remove it from your system. It also provides on-going protection, ensuring that future attacks are countered before they have a chance to do any damage.
Q2 What Does MalwareRemovalBOT Do?

MalwareRemovalBOT is a cleaning utility that works by isolating distinct objects on your computer known to be harmful. Once it finds malicious files, it gives you the choice of putting those files in an inert directory called a Quarantine. In this directory, the files can no longer interact with other parts of the system and then you can make the decision to remove them or not.

MalwareRemovalBOT is also a thorough program. Unlike some anti-Spyware / anti-Malware scanners, MalwareRemovalBOT is not limited to just looking for file names. It also seeks out Registry Entries and hidden file paths, both of which must be removed to ensure truly effective protection.

Once your system has been cleaned of Spyware and Malware, MalwareRemovalBOT will continue to provide real-time protection against future threats. It can do this by implementing recurrent updates of the latest Malware. With these updates in place, MalwareRemovalBOT is never "surprised" by any new harmful programs or any new versions of old enemies.

Q3 What is Malware and Spyware?

Malware is a generic term for malicious software. This can encompass any kind of program that can enact harm on a user's PC. Trojans, Viruses, and Worms are all types of Malware, as are programs that - through faulty design - damage a system. Often Malware is used to alter files and settings, delete data, or simply prove a general nuisance.

Spyware is a kind of Malware that specifically seeks not to damage your computer but steal information, hence the term Spyware. It can manifest as any number of programs: key loggers that record keystrokes, BHOs that monitor your Web Browsing activities, and Backdoor applications that let a third-party hackers gain access to your system.

Q4 What Is the Threat from Malware and Spyware?

Malware and Spyware together constitute the common threat faced by Internet users every time they get online. Sometimes the various programs appear individually, but often they work in tandem. For example you may have a Spyware program, like a key logger, carried in and installed by a Trojan. Because of the advanced contraction methods used by today's more aggressive and subversive Malware programs, many users become infected with Spying agents and don't even know it.

It goes without saying that people who are infected with Spyware have no way to completely protect their Online privacy. What's worse, Spyware is adept at stealing and transmitting sensitive data as well. This means that all of the resources necessary for identity theft - such as social security numbers, account numbers, even birthdays and addresses - are readily available to a hacker who can successfully infiltrate your computer with Spyware.

Q5 What are the Signs that there Is Spyware or Malware On My Computer?

The bad news is that you've probably been exposed to Spyware and Malware many times and not even known it. Just surfing the Web will often lead people to become infected. This is because not all malicious programs come from overtly "bad" websites. Sending and receiving emails, frequent use of instant messaging, installing toolbars, implementing free software and installing Active-X controls: all of these are modes of contracting Spyware.

Because the success of Spying on your computer involves not letting you know it's there, Spyware is adept at hiding itself. Usually those people who are infected won't even realize it. That's why true diagnosis is imperative. You don't just need an "adequate" scanning engine to find and repair Malicious applications, you need the best.

Q6 Is MalwareRemovalBOT Easy To Use?
  If a program is the best in the world at doing something, but it's too complicated to use, it doesn't accomplish its purpose. MalwareRemovalBOT was designed to put an advanced and all-encompassing scanning engine in the hands of every kind of computer user. Its simple, easy-to-use interface was engineered to make scanning and cleaning a computer as easy a pressing a button.

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