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From The Desk of :

William D. Brink

Author: Priming The Anabolic Environment & More
Special Forces S.W.A.T Trainer
Magazine Columnist, Musclemag International
Peer Reviewed Scientific Journals Contributor
Advisory Panel : Life Extension Foundation
NPC Judge & Trainer.

Why 95% Of Muscle Seekers Are Following The Wrong Advice And
How You Can Build Muscle By
Putting This Scientifically Proven System To Work For YOU.

Plus Discover How To Save Thousands of Dollars And Discover Exactly Why 99% of All Bodybuilding Supplements Are Total Junk and Which Ones Do Help You Build Muscle.


Hello Friend,

Just Some Of the Magazines
I have Been Published In Over
The Last 15 Years

Hi, my name is Will Brink, I'm a published author, magazine columnist and elite personal trainer amongst other things, I now predominantly train S.W.A.T teams and give special ops personnel advice on improving their physical performance.

Briefly ... I was the guy who introduced the muscle building community to the benefits of whey protein, they guy who wrote the first article on the use of healthy fats in the fitness mags. My articles on weight loss, bodybuilding, cancer prevention, fitness and more have been published in over 30 magazines and been translated into a dozen languages worldwide.

By clicking on my bio, Click To View BIO , you can view videos of me training, videos of me running a S.W.A.T camp, letters of recommendation, my list of published researched etc.

I'm not including this information to blow my horn, but to my mind there's way to many "internet experts" kicking around nowadays, so personally I think, it's important to know who you're dealing with online and whether they truly have the credentials to be giving you advice.

What's Your End Goal ?

If you're looking to improve your body composition, build lean muscle mass, get fitter and healthier and importantly stick to your goals, I have the answer. Look e-books are great, I include one with my program, but if that's all you're going to receive , the chances of you actually making a success of the information are slim, in my experience people need more than just information to achieve their end goal.

Which is why my system focusses around a private members area packed with thousands of mature like minded people like yourself helping each other out with my muscle building program, the discussion forum is accompanied by a huge collection of high end custom built tools and resources designed to help you achieve your goals.

If that sounds more interesting to you than just another damn e-book, then this may be the most important letter you'll ever read...

Why ?

Quite simply, because (a) I can provide you with the above, and (b) because I'm not some internet expert who sprang up with a "gain 50lbs of muscle" web site.

My credentials are solid and have been achieved over many years (see numerous expert recommendations below) and I've developed a cutting edge muscle building program which has been absolutely proven to succeed for anybody , either sex, and any body type, guaranteed.

Taking You Step By Step Towards Your Goal

With my program you'll gain access to a private members area, where paid fitness experts, doctors, exercise gurus, nutritionalists and myself ensure my members get everything they need including the encouragement to succeed. We will be with you all the way from the beginning until you achieve your goals.

I've coached mediocre, no genetic, businessmen and housewife's to amazing physiques and on the far side of the spectrum I've even worked with big name bodybuilders. I'm what you might call an underground guru, one who gets results for people without the fanfare.

"Hi Will just a quick e-mail to to say thanks man. I've never really hit awesome condition until I followed the BBR program. I'm not hitting plateaus, I'm not wasting time, it's just solid progress and man, I've lost fat quicker than ever before as well. I constantly refer to pros in the Inner Circle for advice and guidance, it's worth 100 times what I paid, just wanted to say thank you for that."

Scott Brouse - USA


?I think there is no information out there that compares to Will Brink?s Bodybuilding Revealed on how to gain lean muscle. I always want to investigate new ways to improve my nutrition, training and supplement intake to produce the best results. The private members area and the forum is the best ? instant access to experts on nutrition, supplements and training routines. The information is clear, easy to understand and backed by real world experience.

I like the fact that when I need answers to questions I can get them instantly and without having to consult 50 different resources, this is an all in one package. Bodybuilding Reveled is helping me to continue to push myself to achieve my goals If you want abs and not flab, Will is the man.

Kim Kruger - New Zealand.

Before I Tell You One Hell of A Story, I want To Debunk A Few Myths Right Here....

When it comes to building muscle, there are a lot of myths that masquerade as ?facts.? Problem is, these myths can hold you back, and keep you from making the progress you should. Let?s expose the 5 Biggest MYTHS and Reveal the FACTS you MUST KNOW to build muscle.

Myth #1 ...
The Latest Supplement is the Key to Building Muscle Mass

Fact : There are a few, specialized supplements that can help, but the reality is that 98% of your gains will come from the basics. When you see terms like, ?super engineered,? ?top secret,? ?mega anabolic,? ?cryogenically modified,? ?devastatingly powerful,? ?pharmacologically engineered,? ?nutrient signaling,? etc.?trust me, it means they spent more time on the marketing spiel than they did on the supplement itself.

Magazines and supplement companies try their best to convince you that you?ll never achieve your goals?unless you use their product. It?s an old marketing trick. I'll explain exactly which supplements work and which ones are hype

Myth #2 ...
Pro Bodybuilding Workouts Seen In Magazines are Effective.

Fact: If you can make some gains lifting 3 days a week, then you should be able to gain even more by lifting 5, 6 or even 7 days a week, with dozens more sets ...right? Wrong?that, my friend, is a path to burning out.

Only those with freak genetics or those using steroids can gain muscle training intensely 6-7 times a week. Forget about training like a pro. This is beyond the recuperative abilities of your average person. A professional?s workout would put you in the ground without helping you gain a single pound of muscle. You'll just end up over trained and exhausted.

More is not better when it comes to building muscle mass. In fact, spending too many days in the gym is counterproductive. It actually results in LESS strength and muscle. I'll reveal exactly how you should train to gain?and NOT hit plateaus. Muscle is built whilst recovering, and with good nutrition, not during training.

Myth #3 ...
Aerobics is Superior to Weight Training for Losing Fat

Fact: Your diet will determine whether you?re lean and muscular vs. fat and muscular (i.e., with a lot of muscle underneath a layer of fat). Don?t believe that sitting on a stationary bike for hours is the best exercise for burning body fat. Strength training is the only exercise that can help you add lean body mass. And more mass = a higher metabolism = more energy used to fuel your body?even at rest. Bottom line, lifting weights and the right diet will do more for your "six pack" than countless hours of cardio ever will.

Myth #4 ...
You Need To Eat 10,000 Calories & 7 Meals a Day to Build Mass.

Fact: If you can?t gain any more muscle, then you need to eat 7 times a day shoveling in thousands of extra calories-right ? Wrong, while total calories consumed plays an important role in building muscle, the right balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat for YOUR specific body-type is equally important. Just shoveling in calories will make you ?big? alright, but most of the pounds will end up around your waist line. It might be great for 16 year old skinny kids, but it's an awful approach as you get older.

I?ll explain how the right food, eaten at the right times and in the right amounts for YOUR body type, will trigger your bodies natural anabolic hormones to stimulate muscle growth. This is the real "secret" to muscle growth not stuffing your face until your sick of the sight of food.

Myth #5 ...
Doing The Same Workouts To Make it Easier To Determine Your Progress Is the Most Effective Way To Train.

Fact: Yes it's true that you should always record your results, for example how many sets you did, how much weight you lifted etc, it's vital you have a measure of your success, however the secret to massive muscle gains is in the cycling of your workouts, doing the same workout day after day at the same intensity will only serve to put you on a permanent muscle building plateau. I'll reveal exactly how to cycle your muscle building workout for the greatest gains in lean body mass.

I?ll show you people from all walks of life?old or young, male or female, fat or skinny?who have built amazing bodies. And they did it without drugs or even a lot of supplements. Anyone, and I do mean ANYONE, over time ? can create a head-turning, impressive physique by following this program.

I'm Going To Save You Time & Money And Reveal The Following ....

Will Brink

Look, there's nothing more soul destroying than following a program which simply doesn't deliver results, but I'm going to explain exactly what you need to know in simple terms, in ways you can apply and follow immediately.. Lets look at the key issues and what you'll find out.

Which bodybuilding supplements actually work and which are total junk, I review over 60 of the most popular muscle building supplements. Now you'll know forever which supplements are worth spending money on and which (despite the convincing adverts) are nothing but hype and lies.

How to Optimize your Muscle Building Nutrition to achieve the greatest lean muscle mass gains (maximize the anabolic response) while minimizing gains in body fat. Forget about aimlessly cramming down more and more calories, there's a science to gaining muscle mass without gaining fat and it all focuses around utilizing food to switch on your bodies natural growth triggers, I'll reveal everything you need to know on that in my system.

Why normal training programs fail to deal with one critical factor that determines whether you'll build muscle or not and why people I've trained have been able to increase lean size gains by 100% and strength by 45% with the right workouts.

A unique and completely private resource hidden away from the masses where you can get one on one motivation, advice and feedback not only from me directly but from a team of qualified experts and thousands of other people following this program. This is a UNIQUE and hugely powerful motivational tool that separates those who try but fail from those that try and now succeed.

You're about to discover the same muscle building system I have privately been using on high level paying clients ranging from out of shape businessmen and women, professional athletes, golfers, olympic hammer throwers, fitness models, natural bodybuilders and pretty much everybody else you can think of. I also now teach it's principles to elite special ops personnel and S.W.A.T teams.

I'm going to reveal how you can (and must) tailor your muscle building diet to suit your body type, age and activity levels, which supplements actually work and which are pure hype and how to remove the frustration from your workouts; including the dreaded plateaus where it seems like no matter what you do, you can't gain any additional strength or muscle mass.

What The Worlds Most Respected Experts Say About Bodybuilding Revealed....

Charles Poliquin B.Sc, M. Sc. Says.. .

This is a program you can trust . Combine Will's nutrition and supplement information with my training tips and advice, and success is virtually guaranteed."

Charles Poliquin B.Sc, M. Sc.
Olympic Coach
Author of German Body Composition,
The Poliquin Principles, Winning the Arm's Race.

Tom Venuto CSCS, NSCA - CPT says

I have no hesitation in saying that Will Brink's Bodybuilding Revealed is Simply Superb!"

It would take pages to do complete justice to reviewing Brink's Bodybuilding Revealed, because it is such a monumental piece of work. I can't imagine the man-hours that went into the creation of this resource let alone the research that had to be done.

In my eyes, even more important is the honesty and objectivity of the reviews and recommendations, which is very important in the shady, biased and confusing bodybuilding marketplace.

In particular, Will's method of looking at "what the science says" AND "what the real world" says is the best possible approach to making informed decisions about products or programs. Overall, two very big enthusiastic thumbs up!

Tom Venuto CSCS, NSCA - CPT
Multi Certified Personal Trainer
Freelance Writer & Best Selling Author

Dr. John Berardi PhD says ...

"Will has helped thousands build muscle, lose fat, and transform their bodies.

With B.B.R, Will provides one of the most comprehensive resources available today."

Dr John Berardi PhD, CSCS
Adjunct Assistant Professor Ottawa, Canada.
Olympic Team Trainer
Author & Columnist.

Charles Staley B.Sc, MSS

charlesIf you're looking for an excellent "how to" guide to bodybuilding (and training in general), Will Brink's book "Bodybuilding Revealed" is a GREAT place to start.

I've known Will for a number of years - you may be familiar with his articles in a variety of popular magazines. I even post regularly as a guest to his blog.

When it comes to nutrition and supplementation, there are very people as knowledgeable as Will Brink. I trust his nutrition and supplement knowledge implicitly...he really knows his stuff.

Charles Staley B.Sc, MSS

Jon Benson says. ...

"The e-book gets into specifics regarding exactly what and how to eat in order to gain lean muscle mass and burn fat. Don?t let the hard-core look fool you .

As I?ve said a thousand times, the principles that work to gain fifty pounds of muscle are the ones YOU need to apply to gain five.

The interaction with other trainees, Will and his expert team, is what makes this deal a steal?that and it?s free for a year. (I think Will is bonkers for giving this much content away for free?and I?m darn sure that won?t last?but hey, that?s his business.)BBR is a must-have ? no questions asked.

The supplements section alone will save you five, ten, even a hundred times what you pay for the e-book. Trust me ? most of the stuff people take is worthless, but Will goes into why, and the science behind it, plus what really does work.

"Jon Benson CSN
Nutritionist and Internationally-recognized Life Coach
Best-selling Author of Fit Over 40 and Simply Eat!

Hugo Rivera CFT, SPN, BSCE. Says ....

"This industry is riddled with misinformation, most people are left to figure out which of the information is valid and which is not.

With Will Brinks program however, valuable time and money is saved as Will covers every aspect of the bodybuilding equation, including the confusing subjects of muscle building nutrition, training, supplementation and cardiovascular exercise.

As you can expect from Will, precise formulas are provided to help you calculate your diet as well as solid practical training routines and nobody has the level of knowledge on supplements that Will does.

Nothing is left to interpretation so once you are done reading the book, you will know exactly what needs to be done.

The free access to the Inner Ring is really where this system just plain over delivers, access to Will himself, to other BBR members, that's priceless.

Hugo Rivera- CFT, SPN, BSCE.
Multi Certified Personal Trainer
Best Selling Author (Over 1 million books sold worldwide)

Lee Labrada Says...

"I commend Will Brink on his efforts to debunk sports nutrition, training and especially the sometimes shady world of bodybuilding supplements."

"There are few trustworthy individuals in this industry, Will is one of them. This is quite simply a must have resource."

Lee Labrada.
President and CEO Labrada Nutrition
Houston's Official Fitness Czar.

It's Not Surprising That Myths, Lies & BS Are Found In The Bodybuilding Industry

It's a business worth hundreds of millions of dollars per year, and whenever you're talking that kind of money, it means you have to navigate around greedy unscrupulous companies and con men. Sure, there are individuals working hard to provide people with quality information and products, but they are fighting an up hill battle.

Every day I speak with people who tell me they are totally confused due to the conflicting information they receive; they end up following numerous programs, hopping from one to another becoming disheartened with limited results. Worst yet, they fail to gain the muscle and strength they wanted after having spent a fortune on useless supplements and "extras" they are coerced into buying.

Truth is, this is often a shady unpleasant business and I've made my fair share of enemies by telling it like it is and exposing the truth.

Here's An Interesting Insider Story
-- Read This, It Will SHOCK You...

So how bad is it out there, you ask? Well the muscle building nutrition and diet industry is just as bad but let me give you example of one of my insider stories about the supplement business.

Here's an example of what you?re up against .A few years back I have a 6 figure contract consulting for one of the most successful supplement companies on the planet. It?s a 100 million dollar plus per year company, and very well known. I?m doing some R&D work for them: writing some of their materials, helping them gather research, and other stuff similar to what I?ve done for many other companies.

I get called into a meeting with the owner of the company and some of his suits. They tell me they are working on what they think is the next big thing in sports nutrition. They ask me what I think about it, and I tell them the truth?which is that the research does not support the claims they plan on making about this product and it?s generally worthless. The owner gets a ?gee, this guy is really naive? look on his face and says to me.

?Will, what we do is throw shit against the wall and see what sticks. We can worry about the rest later.?

That is an absolutely true story and one of many experiences I have had in the industry. What the owner of this company was letting me know, in no uncertain terms, was he didn?t care there was no research to support what he planned on selling, nor did he care if the product actually worked. He knew the power of marketing would make it sell, and as long as it sold, he didn?t give a rat?s behind about the science.

I let him know that I don?t get involved in projects where the company had no interest in supporting their claims with real science, and we parted ways.

Many people think there are scientists in white lab coats at these companies designing supplements based on real science. In a few companies that?s true, but in the vast majority of companies, it?s just a couple of out-of-shape marketing guys (the owner of the aforementioned company was a short fat guy who had had two heart attacks, BTW) throwing you-know-what against the wall to ?see what sticks.?

And we have not even touched on the scams that are most of the nutrition and diet books out there, or the self-made diet and nutritional ?gurus? who make up their theories as they go along, making utterly outrageous claims.

Now, 20 Years Of Experience & Virtually Thousands Of Hours Of Work Later - I Finally Created Bodybuilding Revealed -
The "Total Muscle Building System" ...

I decided I had flat out had enough of the rip offs, the hype the lies, the poorly put together systems out there and decided to put my two decades of experience as an elite high level trainer, writer researcher, columnist for the major bodybuilding/fitness magazines, NPC judge, consultant to major supplement companies, etc, down on paper and create a hype free, scientifically proven program that wouldn't just work for a select few, but for anyone who wanted to gain solid lean muscle, increase strength and strip body fat.

That is, anyone looking to alter their body composition: men or women, young or old, experienced gym rat or total beginner, it does not matter.

I didn?t develop my hard-earned reputation for being an honest, ?pull no punches? writer, trainer, and industry consultant by being a BS artist. I did it by giving people the facts: by using science to support my claims, and doing it all in an easy-to-read fashion. And as you can see, I may not be the size of a pro bodybuilder (and never wanted to be for the record), but I am no stranger to the gym.


After nearly a year of hard work, I condensed nearly 20 years of bodybuilding knowledge and results into a total "all in one" system called Body Building Revealed.

This muscle building program has been designed so you can custom tailor it to your requirements from the very start. If you utilize the program as I outline it, you will see rapid improvements, gaining lean muscle mass, strength and losing fat, working with your natural genetics without crazy supplements and dangerous drugs.

Here's Just A Tiny Taste Of What You're Going To Discover in Bodybuilding Revealed

Nutrition & Diet

How to eat to optimize your body's natural muscle-increasing hormones. Stop shoveling down calories endlessly hoping for muscle gain when all you get is FAT. Learn how the real experts do it.

Discover the three main factors
that determine whether you gain muscle mass or not. We can control two of them (and that's enough to produce major improvements in lean muscle).

The Truth About the optimum amount of protein you need to gain muscle mass? This is scientifically proven to be the maximum amount needed. Do you need the ultra high protein diets?

Why almost everyone is dead wrong about PRE & POST WORKOUT NUTRITION & NIGHTIME NUTRITION. Discover what the real studies prove to be true about pre and post workout nutrition, you would be surprised. Plus the absolute best timings for pre and post workout nutrition.

Discover the "Top 10" muscle-building foods that are "must haves" for gaining lean body mass. Also, find out which foods you should avoid like the plague, if you want to get ripped (and stay that way!).

Avoid the biggest mistakes people make when setting up their muscle building diet. Understand how to set up a proper diet for gaining lean muscle mass including topics such as: macro and micro nutrients, some metabolism basics, calculating proteins, carbs, fats and total calories, basic effects of food on hormones etc. This will remove the mystery which surrounds meal planning and the foods you eat. Once you know this you will soon be able to see REAL differences in muscle gains.

Get the real lowdown on Vegetarians vs. Meat Eaters - Vegetarians have long argued that meats are not necessary in our diet in order to gain muscle mass... but is it true? Will explains with the use of recent real world data.

Get informed about insulin (the primary hormonal mediator of fat storage). It's often said insulin is a primary anabolic hormone produced by the body, but few people know how to use it to their advantage. Understanding the concept of "insulin management" is key to putting on lean mass with a minimum of body fat. I'll explain exactly what you need to know so you can get to your ideal physique quicker.

It's not just what you eat, but when you eat it that counts. Find out how to use "nutrient timing" to boost muscle growth.

Supplement Reviews

You won't find more than a half dozen people in the US, who have my experience in the supplement business. Dissecting supplements and spilling the beans on what's junk (most of it sadly) and what's worth your hard earned cash is something I have 20 years experience of.

Read Over 60 Supplement Reviews!

Me, testing another label supplement claim.
In "Bodybuilding Revealed" you?re going to be able to read over 60 fully researched, unbiased supplement reviews based on 15 years experience in the supplement industry.


Most supplements have no real science to support their use and are, to put it mildly, total scams. There are some, however, which are effective, safe, and supported by real data.

I'll go through each and every one of these supplements and separate the marketing hype from the reality, where facts and science talk and BS walks! Each supplement is broken down into an easy to read format as follows:

  • What is It? What is it Supposed To Do?
  • What Does the Research say?
  • What Does The Real world (user feedback) say ?
  • Final Recommendations, dosage, type, timing etc if applicable.

Want to see an example review?
Download the Creatine Review here:
(Right Click - Save As.. )

Never waste another dime on worthless, ineffective supplements. I'll show you what to look for, and how to avoid supplement company tricks designed to separate you from your money.

Quit blowing money on so-called "high tech" (and high priced!) performance drinks. I'll show you how to "roll your own" instead. You'll get better results AND save money in the bargain.

Is that high-tech, sciency-sounding ingredient for real? Or is it "label decoration" designed to fool you into emptying your wallet? I'll show you how to cut through the BS.

A dirty little secret many supplement companies hope you don't find out.

Would you take 1/10th of an aspirin to cure a headache? Of course not. So why take a supplement that gives you useful tiny, USELESS amounts? Use my 'Supplement Scoreboard' to make sure the ingredients are in effective DOSES.

If a supp isn't a good muscle builder, it's worthless, right? Wrong! There are supps that have amazing health benefits, even if they don't give you 'sleeve-ripping pumps.' Find out which ones!

On a budget? Get your priorities straight. Learn which supplements you "NEED" to have, vs. the ones that you can do without despite what so called "experts" say.

Not sure about a particular supplement ingredient or brand? Follow the links from the BBR e-book to the BBR Inner Circle for over 440 brand name supplement reviews and ingredients.

Still confused about a supplement? Then ask me all about it. I'm on the BBR Inner Circle forum everyday, along with my trusted staff of advisors, to help you decide what to buy. The information you need is just one question away.

Found some great supplements? Congratulations! Make sure you're getting them at a great price too. Use the BBR forum to find the best places to shop, so you get what you want, AND save money too. We have over 50 online supplement resellers rated with a 5 star rating system with hundreds of comments from real members about the service and pricing they received.

PLUS : Over 445 Brand Name Supplement Reviews


Get the low down on actual brand names in the forum - Our amazing Inner Circle now contains specific feedback on over 445 brand name supplements voted on by more than 10,000 members, who offer their personal experience of the supplements effects, and ideal dosages.

Easily select a supplement and read the experts opinion plus hundreds of members real world experiences. Not some messy forum but a perfectly organized and rated (with stars) collection of brand name supplement reviews.

Never be unsure about a supplement again. Here's just some of the 445 reviews already in the Inner Circle.

Ergopharm 1 Ad
EAS Phosphagen XT
Biotest Low Carb
Grow Biotest Surge
Instone Forza-T
Legal Gear Masterdrol
Ergopharm 6 OXO
Avant Labs Ab-Solved
Molecular Nutrition X-Factor
Xtreme PBL Kre-Alkalyn
Avant LabsLeptigen
Optimum 100% Whey
Legal Gear Product X
EAS Myoplex Low Carb
BioTEST Myozene
Phillips Nutrition Full Force
Ctyosport Muscle Milk
Muscletech Gakic
Vespro Nitrobol
Optimum Liquid Amino
Muscletech Hydroxycut
AST Creatine HSC
Testosterone-1 Ripfast
Next Ultimate Orange
MuscleTech Leukic
Nutrex Lip 6
Cytosport Muscle Milk
BSN No Xplode
Muscletech Anator P70
UDOS' choice
AST Multi Pro 32X
Twinlab Ultra Fuel
NO-Xplode BSN
SANN Tight
Gaspari Halodrol-50

The Supplement Scoreboard.

In addition to the 60 independent supplement reviews and general advice, In the BBR e-book I have included a "quick guide" which I call the "Supplement Scoreboard". This condenses all the information from the supplement section of the e-book and tells you exactly which supplements to use, the dosages, the timing and so forth. If your in a hurry and don't need to read reviews on individual supplements, this is the section for you.

Training & Workouts

Discover, that there is no one single workout that is better than all the others. You should in fact never lift the same amount of weight, reps and sets or stick to the same amount of time between sets. A great workout should be moving from phase to phase, doing different rep schemes, different amount of weight, and so forth. The body adapts far to well to stick to the same routine months on end which is why I provide dozens of different workouts for you. Workout Cycling is the big secret to success that almost all programs simply avoid discussing.

Discover little known techniques you can apply to your workouts to maximise your gains every single workout. I'll show you how to apply these rock-solid principles to your workout, so you can burst through plateaus and achieve new personal records.

Learn Exactly how to maximise every single rep to squeeze the greatest results out of every single workout. Stop wasting time and energy in the gym.

The Number ONE rule that absolutely must be observed when training, break this and you could be halving your results in the gym

Find out which exercises give you the most "bang for your buck" and the order you should perform them in for the best results.

Form can make or break your success in the gym. Learn exactly how each exercise should be performed, using precise, detailed instructions and exercise videos.

Timing can make a big difference in the quality of your workouts. Do you know how much time to take between sets, what rep tempos you should use and how long you should be in the gym? Discover the ways to use time to your advantage.

Just starting out? It's easy to get confused by all the jargon. Learn what all the terms mean and how to apply them to get the results you've dreamed of.

Home vs. Gym: either way, it's a major investment. Discover how to get the best workout for your money.

Plus, use the 'Inner Circle' to:
*download pre-written workout forms. Just choose a workout from the e-book and go.
*get expert help with your program
*get feedback from other members
*ask questions about injuries and rehab

Cardio Workouts

Should you do cardio? If so, how much? How much is too much? I'll show you how to keep cardio from interfering with your muscle gains.

Forget about the fat burning zone: it's a myth! Why spend long, boring hours plodding away on a treadmill, when you can get it done in minutes? Learn how to do cardio the right way to elevate your metabolism while saving time AND energy.

Find out about Energy Systems Training, and how to make it work for you, so you can burn fat while sparing your hard-earned muscle.

A Sure Fire way to get the most from your cardio What's the best time to do cardio? Before weights? Afterwards? First thing in the morning?

Goal Setting & Motivation

Use the Bodybuilding Revealed 'Inner Circle' to:
*download monthly success wall charts. Tick off each day of your program to keep showing yourself what you've achieved.
* Use our software and charts to help keep track of your progress; get support from other members, and more!

I'll reveal the techniques to help you stick to your program for long-term gains in lean mass and strength.

Learn to set goals the SMART way. Working SMARTer - not harder - is your key to achieving the body you deserve.

Your body composition is the best measure of your success. Find out how to measure it and keep track of your lean gains/fat losses.

Meet BBR members - male and female - who've achieved the bodies others only dream about. If they can do it, you can too. Find out how they eat, train, and think.

Nancy George Says..

Bodybuilding Revealed is worth the investment just for Will's
extensive Nutrition and Supplementation segments alone.Will is an industry icon who has written many amazing articles.

I was first introduced to his nutrition and supplementation ideas back in 2000. I was still eating and training the same way I had been since the late 80's.

Will changed the way I think about fat, forever! Will helped me to revamp my program so my body would turn into a fat burning furnace.

Will keeps up with the times and his attention to detail and extensive research will leave no rock unturned when you go to incorporate all of his information into a new program.

Nancy Georges
IFBB Figure Pro Personal Trainer

I have followed Will's work for over a decade and I highly recommend Bodybuilding Revealed to people.

I first met Will many years ago in Niagara Falls. We started talking about exercise physiology and performance nutrition. After about an hour of his monolog I knew that instead of purchasing every bodybuilding piece of research in the world all I needed to remember was his phone number, Will is the most honest and down to earth guru's in the industry, I trust him implicitly, the changes I was able to make to my physique with his advice are simply amazing.

Milos Sarcev - Temecula, CA.
Fitness Model - IFBB Pro & Certified Fitness Trainer.
Flex Advisory Board Contributor

So What Do My Bodybuilding Revealed
Clients Have To Say ?

Click Here To View More Testimonials.

"Will Brink's Body Building Revealed (BBR) has taught me the correct timing and ratios of my meals; how to maximise my workouts in the gym through pre/post workout drinks and the important post workout mealtime.

The results I have gotten with the BBR have made my training more enjoyable (my BF level has gone from 14% down to 9% in 5 weeks of a cutting phase), and I am now seeing the benefits of a healthy eating and training schedule.

There is excellent support on the BBR forum, with real experts at hand to give expert advice on diet, nutrition, supplements and of course the doc, Evan Peck who deals with all the injury questions. It teaches you that through hard work in the gym and a disciplined attitude towards healthy eating, you can get the body you desire. "

To sum it up, it?s awesome!


Eamonn Donnellan - USA


There is so much information out there about health and fitness and some of it can be very misleading, I have come to respect and trust what Will Brink has to say about any topic and through putting his training theories into practice I have achieved the goals and results that I aspired too.

Nothing gives results like perseverance, combined with accurate knowledge like one gets from Body Building Revealed.

I find invaluable information within the members area and refer to it often when I want to find something out about my training or nutrition. The members and Will Brink's team of advisors are so supportive and answer your questions very promptly.

I constantly utilized the information that Will Brink has written, as I find it easy to understand, factual and supported with evidence.

Alison Brown - Australia

"I've gained an inch on my arms in around 12 weeks.! I've also added 15-20 lbs of lean muscle on me.

My overall confidence has skyrocketed. I'm now able to squat & bench an ever-increasing 300 and 200lbs, respectively, let alone significant strength increases in all other exercises.

Previously 150 had been my max squat and bench for several years. Nothing has been as powerful for me personally as Bodybuilding Revealed.

Naz Epply Pennsylvania - USA

"I don't think there is a more complete teaching tool on the subject of fitness and nutrition out on the market than Will Brinks Body building Revealed.

When you start setting goals for your future the first thing you do is select someone to help you get there that is well qualified  in the field you've selected, health and fitness are no exception; you need the best in the business if you're serious about achieving the best results.

Will and his program has enabled me to reach every one of mine and I didn't start until I was in my 50's, now I feel as good as when I was in my 20's and look forward to many more years of added success. This program is perfect for anyone wanting the very best of health and fitness, taught by the very best in the business, regardless of your age."

Jim Donaldson

Will's book and especially the inner circle area are awesome and my ultimate guide for fitness info. I recommend them freely and without hesitation to my friends, family and clients. As I've said many times before, I don't see how you can lose with Will's stuff, and the price is just stupidly cheap for what you actually receive.

Pamela Blackburn

Ahh, What The Hell , A Few More Happy Folks!

After about a year of fumbling around at the gym with bad training, and nutrition habits, I found BBR. I am not an impulse buyer so when I buy something I have to think long and hard about it.

I had noticed the ads and links for Bodybuilding Revealed for several months on some very respectable bodybuilding sites but never paid much attention.

Finally I saw an endorsement for (BBR) from a natural bodybuilder that I respect very much, so I sprang for it. Little did I realize what a gold mine of resources I had found.

After a year and a half, I am still overwhelmed with the endless knowledge available from BBR. The e?book is like none other and the biggest bonus of all have been the BBR Member Forums with the super trainers like Elissa, Simon, Dr. Peck, and Will Brink himself.

I just don't think anything can touch BBR.

Robert McAfee - USA

I looked at an uncountable number of articles and forums and then stumbled onto BBR back in May of 2003.

The wealth of info available on the BBR Inner Circle web site and e?book is second to none though. I have found a handful of trusted and respected resources and I can honestly say that BBR is at the top of the list.

The sharing of info and the camaraderie on this site is truly amazing and I feel lucky to just be a part of it.

Kevin Little - Canada

Then I found Bodybuilding Revealed, and immediately I knew it was a cut above.

As I quasi?retired from doing research and consulting with corporate and government clients, and began doing more of it with health and fitness clients, I got to spend a lot of time reading and reviewing various fitness?information resources. The majority of stuff I came across was factually wrong, intentionally misleading, or scientifically suspect. But then I found Bodybuilding Revealed, and immediately I knew it was a cut above.

The book?s information is explanation?oriented, not sales?oriented, and its references are the results from clinical studies, not anecdotes. The forum provides additional depth and discussion that go way beyond the type of postings found on most health sites. Members are open and frank, and even when they debate a topic they are respectful and supportive. It has been fun and rewarding
to participate and help out moderating.

Mark Macgillivray - USA

What's Stopping You
From Getting the Body You Desire ?

Just providing a great program on paper ? regardless of how good that program is - simply isn't enough for most people to achieve the bodies they want. After training hundreds of people, from total beginners to pro bodybuilders, I know first hand, if you ain't got motivation, all the great information on the planet is worthless.

When I stared out on this project to create the ultimate program for altering body composition, I knew if I didn?t solve the motivation issue for people, my program was only going to help that small percentage of people who can constantly motivate themselves.

"Short of getting on a plane and coming
to your house to motivate you -- what could I do?"

That?s when it hit me and I knew it would be the key to the success of the program: a totally private personalized Inner Circle, with pre made diets, online meal planners, recipes, workout charts, members before and after gallery, and importantly a conduit between me and you, so I could keep you on track and answer any questions you had about the program.

I achieved that with a professional, highly organized and supportive coaching forum where people could interact with me and my hand picked fitness staff every day. A true social network of people supporting each other and getting advice from myself and my team of fitness professionals, all of whom know the Bodybuilding Revealed program inside out.

A good book or e-book is a great way to learn, but it?s only the beginning of a complete program, a complete program is one that greatly improves the person?s chances of success by assisting them with that all important variable: motivation!

I call it the "Inner Circle" and it Ensures Every Question you Have is Answered.

Just Imagine Being Able To Pick The Brains Of The Author Of The Program You're Following, a Team of Fitness Professionals ..... AND Speak To Thousands Of Others Following The Same System as You.

That's a powerful motivator, always having myself, and a team of true professionals on hand to help you achieve your goals, and there?s no other program like it anywhere on the net.

Body Building Revealed (BBR) is a complete system for transforming your physique, it?s NOT just a simple ebook. This is why BBR differs from most programs, and I am only touching here briefly on what people receive with the complete BBR package. In the Inner Circle you will interact with myself and my staff of qualified fitness professionals, which includes:

? Medical Doctors
? Male and Female Natural Bodybuilders
? Strength and Conditioning Coaches
? Health and Fitness Experts

You can also chat with other BBR members, which gives you an unequaled support network you won?t find anywhere else. Seeing others? success, from start to ?finish,? is a powerful motivational tool that will help you stick to the program. Virtually every day someone posts to the Inner Circle Forum ?if it were not for all you guys helping me out and keeping me focused, I never would have achieved this. Thank You!?

With 12 months of unlimited coaching in the Bodybuilding Revealed Inner Circle, I make sure you get the motivation you need to apply the system ? so we eliminate the biggest reason most people fail. Hopefully, I will see you on the forum shortly?

?OK Will, So What Exactly is
Bodybuilding Revealed??

Bodybuilding Revealed comprises an in depth and constantly updated e-book rated by the best names in the fitness industry, along with access to my private Inner Circle members coaching area.

It?s the solution if:

You're sick of "LONG LOST SECRET" hype programs, that sound great on the web site but never deliver the results .

  • ?you've wasted money on basic "one size fits all" programs that don?t translate into results.

  • ?you?re sick and tired of looking in the mirror and thinking "There must be a way to get in shape I can stick to and that works for me".

  • ?you want a "Step by Step " easy to implement program , that gives you the tools, motivation and coaching to achieve your physique goals.

If you?re ready to achieve the body you?ve always wanted, then you?re ready for Body Building Revealed.

Okay, Great..
But What Do I Actually Get ?"

Great Question, you get all of the following:

? The Bodybuilding Revealed E-Book
(Fully Printable)

The BBR e-book is essentially
5 e-books in one. It covers:

Part 1 : Muscle Building Diet

Part 2 : Supplementation & Reviews
(Over 60 Supplement Reviews)

Part 3 : Weight Training

Part 4 : Cardio Fat Burning Workouts

Part 5 : Motivation & Goal Setting

Written in layman's terms, but accompanied by scientific references, BBR explains everything you need to know to start seeing positive changes in the mirror, as thousands of our members already have.

We also realize not everyone has the time to read an entire e-book immediately, so we include a simple "Quick Start Guide" which gives you all the basic tools you need to get started on the program from Day One.



12 Months Platinum Inner Circle Coaching
This is the jewel in the Bodybuilding Revealed crown. I'm going to give you Platinum coaching, which amounts to total access to me personally for 12 full months.

No more confusion over your program, no niggling issues to make you lose motivation. No more dumping yet another program because you can't get to grips with exactly what to do.

You'll get 12 full months of total coaching from me directly on the BBR system. You can ask me anything you need to about supplements, nutrition, diet and training. Plus get access to my team of fitness professionals who you can ask any questions you like in general on fitness, diet, nutrition, training and more.

By the way , this is not a bunch of "moderators" like you find on forums, these are qualified professionals , paid to specifically assist you to ensure you achieve your goals.

12 Months Access To ...
The Inner Circle Forum & Knowledge Base.
The members-only Inner Circle knowledge base is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The knowledge base has over 7,500 pages of information. You can search for information you need or go straight to one of the special sections for example :

In addition in the Inner Circle forum where you can chat with thousands of other BBR members, there's a lot of other quality resources like these:

Brand Name Supplement Reviews
Read over 440+ brand name supplement reviews with user feedback.

Printable Workout Charts
Download pre made workout charts which correspond to the workouts in the e-book. You can then print them out if you wish or edit them for your own workouts.

Nutrition Database (56,000 foods)
Our custom made nutrition database, very easy to use, with approx 60,000 foods , including brand name foods, take out foods, fast food outlet food types, everything you could ever need.

Nutritional Authorities & Programs
Read what our members think of over 50 Nutritional authorities and programs including, Berardi, Atkins, Gracie, Aceto, Brad king, Body Opus, Jay Robb, Burn the Fat, Warrior Diet, Pasquale, Parillo, Metabolic Diet, Keto, Body For Life, Rob Faigen, Warrior Diet, Blood Type, Zig Zag, No Grain, Dan Duchaine and many more.

Members Gallery
View hundreds of photos from BBR members, see their progress and use it to motivate yourself, add feedback and ask other members how they got into shape.

Muscle Building & Fat Loss Recipes
Read over 200 recipes, with the full nutritional profiles (calorie, protein, carb and fat content) and with detailed cooking instructions.

Read dozens of exclusive articles in our Guru Article section. Authors include John Berardi, Charles Staley, Tom Venuto, Will Brink, Bryan Haycock and many others.

Online Supplement Sellers Rated
Over 50 online sellers rated by our members. Find out who's reputable and who to avoid.

Body Fat Calculators & Dozens of Fitness Calculators.
Use any of the Inner Circle tools, to help you in your physique goals.

Book Reviews
Don't waste another cent on useless books. Read our professional reviews on dozens of books including, The Book Of Muscle, Burn The Fat, Poliquin Principles, Core Performance, The Pre-Contest Bible, Legal Muscle, New Encyclopedia of Modern Body building, Black book of Training secrets, Get Buffed 1 & 2, Winning the Arms race, The Wild Physique, and dozens more.

Motivational Progress Charts
Download charts you can use to record information on your measurements, diet, and supplements. Use these to keep track of your progress towards your goals.

Training Systems
Get the lowdown on what I and my team of trainers ? as well as hundreds of members - think about over 60 different body building type programs including, Poliquin, Staley, Anderson, HST, 20 Rep program, Shuler, Hayward, Westside, Chek, Bompa, Ian King, Critical Bench, Growth Surge, GVT, Siff, Chad Waterbury, Clubbell, DiPasquale, Atlas, Costa, Metabolic Thruster, Schroedor, Max OT, X-size and many more.

The Bodybuilding Revealed Meal & Calorie Planner
Look I know what a pain working out a diet can be , so I had my programmers put together the ultimate time saver - the Bodybuilding Revealed Meal & Calorie Planner.

The planner performs all the calculations from the e-book for you. So if you don't have the time or the inclination to workout your own diet from the ebook, you can simply enter a few details and the planner does ALL the work for you.

Within seconds you'll have your daily calories, the number of meals you should eat, and the amount of protein, fats and carbohydrates you should have in each meal. And it's all displayed in a simple to read format, which you can then read on screen, print out or even e-mail to yourself.

This is powerful, custom-made software we created just for this program - not some generic meal planning software, this specifically calculates your Bodybuilding Revealed diet to perfection.


The Diet Planner - Finally Take Control !

The Diet Planner allows you to take total control of your diet and supplements with ease. You can use it with the BBR program but also with any other program you may be following.

This is not some cheap free internet tool, This cost me thousands of dollars to create. I had it coded myself after many years of finding faults with planners that had not been designed for people specifically following a cutting or muscle building program.

All you need to do is to answer a few simple questions about yourself, then select a pre-made diet or create one of your own.

Add your own foods, or choose from thousands already pre-added. Use the Planner to create your own meals and recipes.

Track what you eat each day and get a calorie breakdown for every food including the protein, carbohydrate and fat content.

Create a graph of your progress showing the amount of muscle gained, fat lost, and overall progress.

Keep track of your weight, and take notes?you can record information on your workout, or write down how you feel.

Track the difference between your daily intake and what you should be taking in so you can make easy corrections.

Make your diet public or private: if it's public, other BBR members and our team of advisors can help you out with it.

We have recently been approached by Gold's Gym to license the diet planner, it's been so successful, Gold's Gym are using it for clients who need customized diets.

This is the ULTIMATE diet planner, and is loved by BBR customers.

Bodybuilding Revealed Pre-Made Diets


The purpose of BBR is to simplify the whole issue of eating right, so we provide a selection of sample diets for different body weights.

These diets perfectly match the nutrition guidelines in the BBR e-book, so you can use them "out of the box" if you like or tailor them for your own use.

You can download the diets to your computer in Excel format. They are also hard-coded into the Diet Planner (see above) so you can edit them to suit your likes and dislikes, make changes in calories or macronutrient ratios, etc.

The Bodybuilding Revealed Video Database
Are you always 100% sure how to perform an exercise correctly ? It's important to me that BBR is as easy to follow as possible, so when you open up the BBR e-book or download your pre made workouts charts, I wanted to ensure you knew exactly how to perform each exercise.

That's why I had the video database created, you can now actually watch the videos from the BBR program being performed right in front of your eyes.

Pick any one of the exercises from the e-book, read how it's performed and watch the video so you can see exactly how to do each exercise safely and with maximum benefit.

Not to be confused with"exercise simulator" type software, the video database contains dozens of real videos featuring exercise experts performing each exercise listed in the BBR training program.

But Wait There' Even More...

I Am Offering You 2 More Ethical Bribes To Get You Off The Fence...Yours FREE! No Matter What!

BRIBE #1 : Mass Gaining Training Programs
While the BBR system contains training information for the beginner right through to the experienced intermediate trainer, I also wanted to include information for the advanced trainer, those with at least 3-4 solid years of training under their belts. Step in perhaps the world?s most respected strength coach, Charles Poliquin, B.Sc M.Sc.

Charles, is the real deal, he has a network of Poliquin training centers around the world, the Poliquin accreditation is highly sought after, and he's the author of a dozen best selling books on various subjects relating to bodybuilding, strength and conditioning.

Charles? coaching skills have resulted in hundreds of Olympic medals, wins and personal bests for many of his clients. He's known worldwide for producing faster, more muscular, stronger athletes.

So I picked up the phone and Charles agreed to do me a great favor and write an entire bonus e-book which focused entirely on his approach to advanced training.

Here's a brief summary of the information Coach Poliquin reveals along with the advanced workouts in his Report:
Coach Poliquin

Here's a brief analysis of the information Coach Poliquin reveals along with dozens of advanced workouts in his Report.

Maximum days you should train consecutively and why How to determine training frequency

Exercise technique and the importance of it
Loading parameters - how much weight should you lift
Adapting to your program
Training "volume" and "intensity"
Optimum work out time
Accumulation and intensification phases
Improve your workout efficiency with antagonistic muscle pairs
Understand your muscle fiber make up
Which exercises give you the most bang for the buck
Why you should train "lifts" you are poor at
Why dumbbell work is the foundation of strength
The secret to coaxing not forcing your muscles to adapt to greater loads
Why you should keep accurate records
Why low rep work should be done first in your workout
How to calculate the number of sets per exercise
Plus sample training programs to train 3,4,5 and 6 days a week.

BRIBE #2: How To Build Muscle At Home.
As seen in....


Gain muscle in the privacy of your own home, office or garden, within your own time constraints and without needing any gym equipment.

That's the beauty of this exclusive bonus e-book. I know that many of my readers can't always get to the gym, or you're on the road, or stuck in an office. Coach Ballantyne CSCS, M.Sc, has developed the Turbulence Training system to accommodate this problem.

Craig Ballantyne
Craig is a strength & conditioning coach in Toronto, author of Turbulence Training, a contributing author to Men?s Health magazine, and a member of the Training Advisory Board for Maximum Fitness and Oxygen magazines.

I'm VERY fussy what I put my name to, VERY,but I also give credit where credit is due. Craig Ballantyne, is one of a small handful of experts out there with solid credentials and real world experience. Ballantyne is not a self proclaimed Internet guru but a bona fide credible coach and researcher. He fuses science and extensive research alongside real world results to come to his conclusions, a rarity nowadays. This is a high quality and extremely useful bonus.

"What If The Information Gets Outdated?

Don't worry, never happens, I've solved that issue . As soon as a new supplement needs reviewing or I want to add some more content to the book, I just update it and upload the new version to the Inner Circle.

I've released an updated version of the BBR e-book 3 times in the last 22 months and sent the new version to our loyal members completely free of charge.

That's the joy of delivering it online; it never becomes outdated or obsolete.


"Okay, Will, It's Obvious... This Is The Greatest System In the History Of Mankind.
But How Much Does This Baby Cost ?"

Yeah, yeah, well I know I might be a bit biased .....but this probably is the best 'deal' and investment you'll ever have the opportunity to make for your physique. . If you plan on investing any time on gaining muscle then this is an ABSOLUTE NO-BRAINER.

So To Sum It Up -- Here's What You'll Receive ......

The Bodybuilding Revealed E-book (Essentially 5 e-books in one) ($67 Value)
12 Months Coaching & Access To The Inner Circle ($149 Value)
(The Inner Circle Includes Everything Below:)

  1. 60 Independent Unbiased Bodybuilding Supplement Reviews
  2. 500 + brand name supplements listed with members feedback .
  3. Multiple workout programs from beginner to advanced.
  4. Pre-made customizable diets for all bodyweight's.
  5. The Exercise Video Database
  6. Workout Charts, Measurement Charts, Progress Charts.
  7. The Online Diet planner (This alone is worth $50, wait until you see it)
  8. The Nutrition Database
  9. The Bodybuilding Revealed Meal & Calorie Planner
  10. Hundreds of Recipes complete with full cooking details.
  11. The Online Supplement Sellers Rating Database
  12. Body Fat Calculators & Other Fitness Calculators

PLUS -- The Double Bonus Pack.....
Charles Poliquin's Mass Gaining Special Report , (Value $39.95)
Craig Ballantyne's , Build Muscle At Home Report - (Value $24.95)

Total Value : $280.09

But, right now, I'm offering the entire program with absolutely all the extras, the bonus material and 12 months access to the Inner Circle members area for a one off payment of just $47.00 , nothing more to pay.

Don't Shoot Yourself In the Foot!

Hopefully, you won't shoot yourself in the foot thinking ... "wow, it's almost to much for just $47, this program has sold for as high as $97 before now and that's without some of the new bonus material. Most of my up front costs for the all the development have been paid for by previous customers, your timing is perfect as you've come along at exact the right time to benefit.

Seriously my friend, if you can't get excited at this for just $47 then I honestly can't help you, THIS IS, what an amazing deal looks like.

As soon as I've reached the maximum quota we can realistically deal with in the Inner Circle, I'm going to put the price back up to around $97 to slow down the numbers a little. I'm not looking for thousands more members, I'm only after the select few who are sick to death of the hype and lies and who seriously want to improve their physiques as soon as possible.

I also want to remove all the risk for you, my reputation is important to me. I've worked hard to provide honest, high quality information all my life, I stand 100% by my work, so let me make you this ...

No Questions Asked, No Hassle,
No-Hoops-To-Jump-Through 100%
60 Day Money Back Guarantee

I know what you?re probably thinking. What if this doesn?t work for me? That?s the reason I?ve guaranteed the course. I?m going to give you my full 60-day guarantee, as a matter of fact to make it a no -brainer, 100% risk free proposition.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but you can take my course, you can read it, you can listen to it, you can ask for advice on the forums, get all the answers you need, use the tools, you can even rip me off , download it all, get what you want and ask for a refund I guess, if you wanted to, if you?re a dishonest person ? but I know you?re not

So here's the deal, give "BBR" a try out and if you're not completely happy for any reason within 60 days, then I INSIST you email and request a refund. No questions asked; no small print; that?s a guarantee for a full 60 days. . Even if it?s on the last day, I?ll refund 100% of your money if you?re not 100% satisfied. Is that fair enough?

All you need to do now is click add to cart button and get started. I'll see you in the members area in a few minutes, I'm there every day.

I understand that If I am not satisfied with the package , I have A No Hassle, No-Hoops-To-Jump-Through 100% Day Money Back Guarantee

Regular Price $97

Get Instant Access Now Just $47

Security Verified
Privacy Verified Seal
Business Seal
Certified Seal

It's a Giveaway..

At $47 it is a giveaway, it's cheaper than the cost of a couple of tubs of protein powder or one decent personal trainer session. Its real world value is 50x its price at least.

If you don't feel it's for you, I'll send you a 100% refund within 24 hours. You will be locked out of the Inner Circle and we simply part ways, no hard feelings.

Sincerely Yours,

William D.Brink
International Trainer, Researcher, Author & Columnist

PS. Bodybuilding Revealed has already worked for thousands of people in over 135 countries worldwide. Would all these industry experts put their names to Bodybuilding Revealed unless it delivers what it says it does. Charles Poliquin, Milos Sarcev ,Tom Venuto, Jamo Nezzar, Marc David, Hugo Rivera, Nancy Georges, John Berardi, Lee Labrada, Jon Benson, and many others.

"I have no hesitation in saying that Will Brink's Bodybuilding Revealed is Simply Superb!"
Tom Venuto CSCS, NSCA - CPT

This is a program you can trust,success is virtually guaranteed."
Charles Poliquin B.Sc, M. Sc.

With Bodybuilding Revealed Will provides one of the most comprehensive resources available today."
Dr. John Berardi PhD

Nothing is left to interpretation so you will know exactly what needs to be done.
Hugo Rivera CFT, SPN, BSCE

NOTE: Bodybuilding Revealed is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. The members area and all bonus material are online and are NOT physical products that will be shipped to you in the mail.. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonus material AND access to the Inner Circle. . The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

I understand that If I am not satisfied with the package , I have A No Hassle, No-Hoops-To-Jump-Through 100% Day Money Back Guarantee

Regular Price $97

Click For Instant Access - Now $47

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