"If you feel frustrated and jealous when you see other people succeed at blogging while you're still trying to figure it out, this might be the most important letter you'll ever read!"

Stop making it hard on yourself . . .

• Build a Six-Figure Income • Drive Loads of Traffic
• Work How You Want, When You Want

"This package is a home run"

This package is a home run, Shaun. There is more good information in this book than in five other books on these subjects.

You are giving away the store with this one. You could easily package this into a set of products and I would still be the first in line to buy every single one.

Dean Speer
Redondo Beach, CA

For immediate release:

Dear aspiring blogger:

"How much money can you make blogging?" People ask me that question all the time . . . maybe you're wondering that, too.

Let me reassure you, the answer is, "A LOT!" I have personally earned $33,247 from a blog that I ran with just a few hours of work per week . . . and there are others earning amounts that would make your eyes pop out!

But where do you start if you want to learn these insider secrets?

What do you do if you've hit a glass ceiling? It can be very difficult to make a blog profitable, and it doesn't help that most blogs belly-flop into failure because . . .

  • They were doing the wrong things right from the start
  • They never gained traction
  • Potential readers never found them
  • They were slapped down hard by Google for using "black hat" techniques

You Want Your Blog To Earn Money For You,
But How Do You Do It?

Blogging looks so simple, but when you're getting started, it can be very confusing, can't it? You need expert advice, but how do you know who's for real and who's just blowing smoke?

Let me be blunt hereˇXthere's so much bad information out there, it makes me sick to my stomach!

From get-rich quick schemes that haven't worked in years to so-called "tutorials" that are inaccurate or outdated, to self-styled experts who charge too much for stale advice . . . the garbage heap of bad blogging info is huge, and man, it stinks!

To make matters worse, the increasing competition is making it harder than ever to gain a toehold in blogging unless you discover the secrets for easily, effectively, efficiently, and affordably attracting, retaining, and monetizing readers.

Sad but trueˇXmost blogs started today won't ever attract a single reader or produce one single penny. These blogs fail, and they fail in a spectacular fashion.

If You Know How To Attract Visitors The Right Way,
You Can REALLY Cash In On Your Blog!

Look, I'm going to brutally honest here . . . the days of getting rich overnight with a blog are OVER.

Success Blueprint

Google has seen to that. They don't have a market capitalization of $150 billion for nothing. They've got the brightest engineers in the business and if you try something shady with a blog, they'll give you the famous "Google slap" in a heartbeat. I've seen it over and over.

But don't give upˇXthere's hope!

Did you know that the real blogging money has never been an overnight thing? It's trueˇXAdSense nickels and dimes won't build your base of hungry readers and buyers. It's simple once you realize that the real money is in your RSS feeds (I like to call them my "R$$" feeds), and you need an entirely different strategy to monetize them properly.

It's like building a houseˇXonce you get a firm, strong foundation built, the rest comes together quickly!

You Just Have To Know The Right Ways To Build Subscribers And Pull In Profits From Your Blog!

"From 0 to 60 quickly"

You saved my bacon! This course was a lifesaver for me and my small business. I am so impressed by your wealth of knowledge and how much of it you're willing to share with people like me.

You were able to get me from 0 to 60 so quickly, and I have no idea how I could have cleaned up the mess I got myself into otherwise. Thank you!

Maria Hardaway, Raleigh, NC

Click Here to Test Drive Blogging in Action
And Start Earning Money From YOUR BLOG!

Here's the good newsˇXyou can work when you want, where you want, how you want, and as much as you want, when you know how to build a good and profitable blog using the right techniques.

It's very doableˇXtens of thousands of people do it every day!

But if you do it the wrong way, with flimsy or inflexible software, or with for the latest get-traffic-quick scheme or illegal tactics, your blog can be toppled within a day. If you are truly serious about learning to blog, you owe it to yourself to do it the right way.

I know you're probably still skeptical and a bit on the conservative side, but think about thisˇXif you keep doing the same things over and over again, you'll only succeed in getting the same results. That's why I want to let you try out my proven blogging systemˇXcompletely and totally risk-free! (I'll tell you about my unique guarantee in a moment.)

So Who Am I To Be Telling You All This?

My name is Shaun Taylor. I've worked in technical fields for 15 years, and I've been blogging since 1999. I've spent the past three years working as a blogging strategist. I know blogging inside and out, from top to bottom.

During that time, I've continually researched and refined my skills and approach. I've learned the hard way what works and what doesn't.

Year by year, I've learned what makes professional blogs tick. Blogs that suck in large amounts of highly targeted traffic and reap you massive long-term profits . . . and I've distilled that information into an easy-to-understand system for creating blogs that . . .

    power blogging
  • Are respected
  • Are taken seriously
  • Generate multiple streams of income!

Think about it. A blog is one of the best ways to do what you like, when you like, and earn money while doing it! But creating your blog the right way, the profitable way, could take you years and can cost you a small fortune to figure out just the right combinations that make some blogs workˇXwhile others fall flat on their faces.

I've cracked the code to building a successful blog starting with a solid foundation, and I'm offering to share that valuable information with you in the form of a step-by-step course, in plain English.

"You have the opportunity to steal my blueprint for creating and running professional blogs that are magnets for long-term readers and profits."

Presenting . . .
"Blogging In Action:
From Start To Six Figures
With A Professional Blog!"

"I'm convinced that this is the best."

I really didn't think I could do it. After countless hours of frustration, I found Shaun's course. I saw just how easy it was to get my own blog and things are so much clearer now.

There are a lot of ways to go about blogging, but I'm convinced that this is the best.

Virginia Lehman
Frankfort, IN

I've created a course to show you and others how to build good, strong, profitable blogs without fear of penaltiesˇXeverything in my course is 100% white-hat stuff that's perfectly legitimate and geared towards long-term profitability. That's rightˇXlong term profitsˇXno short term, here-today-gone-tomorrow techniques that are more likely to get you blacklisted than to bring traffic.

To put it plainly, you will NOT get in trouble using my techniques!

Here's what you get in my unique course, Blogging In Action:

  • One big, fat 260-page book jam-packed full of the latest blogging techniques and step-by-step guidance for starting and building your blog.
  • A HUGE library of very helpful videos that let you look over my shoulder to see exactly what you need to do. We're talking about hours of instruction here.
  • Our very own Keyword Sheriff research tool to turbo-charge your efforts
  • A Truckload of BonusesˇXmore on those later . . .

Who Benefits From Blogging In Action: From Start To Six Figures With A Professional Blog?

  • Anyone who wants to make serious money with a blog, and is willing to put in some effort
  • Anyone who wants to create a new part-time revenue stream
  • Anyone who wants to promote a business with a blog
  • Anyone new to blogging who knows a few things and wants to start out the right way, avoid mistakes and problems, and make the right decisions
  • Anyone who has a blog, but has gotten frustrated trying to make extra money online . . . and wants to know how to set up a blog for maximum profitability.

Just Listen To What Others Are Saying
About Blogging In Action . . .

Testimonials from Satisifed Customers

Click Here to Test Drive Blogging in Action
And Start Earning Money From YOUR BLOG!

You Might Think You Know
How To Run A Blog Already,
But Do You Know These Critical Things?

Blogs have a tremendous amount of potential to bring in massive money, but they also have the potential to self-destruct if you don't know the latest techniques.

For instance, do you know the answers to these critical blogging questions?

  • How to build your network of influencersˇXso you attract huge amounts of traffic?
  • How to establish credibilityˇXso you're taken seriously and you get a good buzz going?
  • How to future-proof your blogging solution, so you aren't ambushed by Google rule changes?
  • That you can't attract or drive traffic to your blogˇXit can't be done, so you have to redirect it instead . . . do you know how to do that?

If not, you need Blogging In Action! Read on for a partial list of just a tiny fraction of the pearls you'll discover inside this huge package.

Take A Look At What You'll Learn from Blogging In Action . . .

  • How to boost your income into the blogging stratosphere with contextual advertising, sponsorships, widgets, high-paying affiliate programs, and more
  • How you can ramp up your traffic FAST and escape the Google sandbox by piggybacking off other respected web sites and blogs
  • How you can create an incredibly professional blog with the right software, hosts, and techniques
  • How to create a "built for serious action" blog that is future proof and flexible
  • The 7 vital steps you MUST TAKE to spread your content like a virus by attracting "influencers" who will provide new readers and more clicks
  • The "no cost" way to drive laser-targeted prospects and visitors to your blog
  • The five key ingredients of a "linkbait" post you MUST KNOW that will drive repeated boomerangs of traffic and backlinks to your blog

And That's Not All! You'll Also Learn . . .

  • How to tap into an audience that is positively starved for your content by targeting your blog posts using the right keyword tools
  • How to keep your blog new and fresh by instantly changing the look and feel with premium themes and plug-ins
  • How to position yourself as the foremost expert in a niche using a clever five-step process that works like magic!
  • How to quickly and easily maximize your bottom line profit by leveraging relevance, placement, repetition, and aggregation with popular programs like AdSense, Chitika, WidgetBucks, and more
  • How to create defensible search engine rankings (overlook this one and your whole blog can go from hero to zero in one day!) And yes, building permanent, valuable, and incremental search rankings is possible with these techniques!
  • How you can target the best keyphrases for your niche, and why the fundamental differences between paid and free search listings make most keyword research tools useless!
  • How to generate repeatable, sustainable traffic for little effort by creating traffic boomerangs

Worried About SEO, Social Networks, and Money?
Don't Be! I'll Show You . . .

  • How to make your site a Google darling by using proper and safe SEO tactics that will keep you OUT of trouble and IN the money!
  • How to create a word of mouth whirlwind by optimizing your blog for social media . . . PLUS how to build traffic teams from your trusted compatriots at hot web 2.0 web sites
  • How to earn prestige, traffic, and revenue by syndicating your content onto hundreds of web sites, blogs, and even national publications like USA Today. Can you imagine how cool it would be to place an "As seen in the New York Times" badge on your blog? It can happenˇXI'll show you how!
  • How you can get listed in Google News time and time again using one clever and perfectly legal trick.
  • How to create photo albums, post polls, create contact forms and all kinds of other neat things, plus anything else you can imagineˇXyou can create it!
  • How to get personal recommendations from the "digerati" (it's easier than you think if you follow these steps)
  • How you can PROFIT by auto-piloting several profitable niche blogs while you build up the strong, stable foundation of your blogging empire with my FREE software, using white hat, rich content strategies, not spam blog garbage. This will relieve stress because it will allow you to pay some bills with quick earnings while you build the real empire.

You'll learn all of this. But just imagine if you started making only a handful of these tactics work for you. How much more money would that mean to you?

There's no need to reinvent the wheel. Everything is ready for you, all laid-out step-by-step.

How Much Is Your Blogging In Action Investment?

Blogging in Action book and videosWell, if you were to hire an SEO firm to create a blog for you, you could easily spend well over a thousand dollars. And you might end up with a decent blog, or you might wind up with black-hat SEO that gets you slapped down hard by Google.

And you've probably seen all the other high-priced guides pumped out by the gurus selling for $97, $197, even as high as $297. And tons of people jump on those books and videos expecting the next big thing. Instead they get 70 pages of rehashed information.

You'll be glad to know that this isn't one of those books. I'm not going to charge you $300, or $200, or even $100. Your total cost for Blogging In Action, including the 260-page e-book, the library of videos, and the truckload of bonuses is only $67 $57.

That's right, I said only $67 $57, because I believe blogging should be accessible to everyone! Heck, I charge $147 per teleseminar seat for the content in the companion videos alone! Yet, I'm offering you this entire package for an investment of just $67 $57.

Our latest edition adds so much more valuable content and bonuses that we're being forced to raise the price very soon.

And Don't WorryˇXYou're Completely Protected by My Full, No-Questions-Asked 60-day Money-Back Guarantee!

Iron-Clad, Take-it-to-the-Bank 100% Guarantee

I want you to feel completely comfortable ordering this unique course, so I'm going to take the element of risk entirely out of the equation.

One Year Satisfaction Guarantee

I promise you that if you are not happy with Blogging In Action: From Start To Six Figures With A Professional Blog, and you contact me within 60 days of purchasing it, I will refund 100% of your moneyˇXno questions asked!

That's how comfortable I am with the quality of this product. There is ZERO risk on your part.

Click Here to Test Drive Blogging in Action
And Start Earning Money From YOUR BLOG!

"Definitive book on the subject"

In the last three months I have read Blogging for Dummies and a couple other books on the subject and to be honest with you, all they did was give me a whopping headache; your BLOGGING IN ACTION BIBLE is possibly the DEFINITIVE BOOK ON THE SUBJECT!!!

You will forgive me for referring to your treatise as the B.I.A. Bible, for my intent is not meant to be irreverent, after all, the word bible means book and my intent is to show nothing but respect for a well thought out endeavor.

I believe the word TREATISE is an apt descriptive, for my buddy, Noah Webster tells us that a treatise is, "a formal written account treating a subject systematically and in detail." This is exactly what you have done.

Thanks for the labor of love Shaun, for it is obvious this is not some slipshod bit of info garbage.

Charles Towne
Apopka, FL

But Hold OnˇXYou Get Even MORE!

I want to make sure you succeed with your blog, because that reflects well on me.

So to ensure your success, I'm giving you 8ˇXcount 'em, 8ˇXbig bonuses absolutely FREE to thank you for ordering!

Take a look at what you get . . .

Your QuickStart Video Library ($59 value)

Blogging in Action QuickStart Video LibraryAs part of this package, you will receive the ever-expanding set of how-to videos that will answer all of your Blogging in Action questions. It's like having your own private support library! A $59 value, Yours FREE.

Keyword Sheriff ($37 value)

Keyword research is the lifeblood of professional blogging, as you'll quickly learn in Blogging in Action. But where do you start?

Keyword Sheriff will help you generate profitable keyword ideas, and will present you with the information you need to take advantage of the innovative techniques in Blogging in Action.

Focus your blog, title your posts, and drive a ton of traffic! A $37 value, Yours FREE.

Blogging in Action's Keyword Sheriff

Bonus #1: Administering your Blog Video ($17 value)
Bonus #2: Managing Blog Content Video ($17 value)
Bonus #3: Creating Gorgeous Photo Galleries Video ($17 value)

Blogging in Action Blog Administration Bonus VideosThese easy-to understand videos reveal how to configure your blog, how the permission system works, how to set up a secure, spam-free blog, and avoid common configuration errors. They also show you how to write posts, pages, build link lists, and create stunning photo galleries! A $51 value, Yours FREE.

Bonus #4: Complete Backup Pro ($37 value)

Book, video, and an exclusive script to keep your installation backed up. This will give you a professional backup plan so that you never have to worry about nasty server crashes or costly data losses. A $37 value, Yours FREE.

Backup course: book, video, exclusive script package

Bonus #5: Surviving High Traffic ($19 value)

This report is packed with high-level, obscure tricks to optimize a server for heavy traffic. Not even the pro bloggers know these innovative strategies. Prepare for traffic spikes and avoid downtime when traffic starts rolling in. A $19 value, Yours FREE.

Preparing your Blog for High Traffic book picture

Bonus #6: Lifetime Membership ($197 value)

Your lifetime Q&A support, lifetime product updates, and e-mails explaining topical blogging trends. Plus free tools, templates, and graphics over the course of several months. The information is always current, regardless of how fast the blogging landscape changes; you'll always have access to support so you'll never have to spin your wheels. A $197 value, Yours FREE.

Blogging in Action lifetime membership card

Bonus #7: WordPress Secure Pro ($54 value)

Hackers bug off! Lock up your WordPress installations behind a 10-foot steel wall with WordPress Secure Pro. Protects your blogs from common Wordpress exploits and attacks, and gives you peace of mind that your blogs are safe. Install it on as many blogs as you like, a $27 value per blog, Yours FREE.

WordPress Secure Pro

Wow, can you believe it, that's a total of $459 in big, bountiful BONUSES! That's in addition to the 260-page Blogging in Action book and companion video course, that are just stuffed with tactics to help you become a six-figure blogger.

Ordering YOUR Blogging In Action package NOW is a complete no-brainer, wouldn't you agree?

This is the ONE COURSE you MUST OWN (and the only one you'll ever need) if you're serious about blogging!

"I've learned so much . . ."

Thank you, Shaun, for this interesting and useful information from your book. I've been blogging as a hobby, but I've learned so much I am going to become more serious about it now.

Kristi Marie Gott

Five Reasons to Act Now

1) This is the one and only package you will ever need on blogging!

2) Our methods are technically accurate and tactically effectiveˇXwe help you get things done the right way!

3) Every minute that passes while you're not using this package means that traffic and dollars are being left on the table.

4) Blogging in Action contains real world advice from real six-figure bloggers. Not one hit wonders and wannabes!

5) This is simply the definitive course on blogging available today. You will not find a better value anywhere.

Yes, I'm ready to start getting results by learning the secrets of the blogging pros!

I understand that for a limited time only, I can get my copy of the "Blogging in Action" book and video course, along with all of the other bonus materials for the temporarily reduced price of just $67 $57 ˇX all at no risk to me.

Retail Price $167 SPECIAL Only $57

Add to Cart

100%, Better than Risk-free, Iron Clad, Take-it-to-the-Bank Guarantee

Test Drive Blogging in Action Today ˇX Risk-free!

As soon as your payment is authorized (this usually takes less than a minute), you will be given instructions on how to download your book, videos, and bonuses. All can be read in the free Adobe Acrobat Reader or played on any Windows PC or Mac.

Wishing you the best of blogging success,

Shaun Taylor (signature)

P.S. If you want to make money blogging, you have to know the ropes, and what I'm offering you is the easiest and most cost-effective way to learn what you must know to succeed at blogging for money. Click here now to order Blogging in Action.

P.P.S. Don't forgetˇXwhen you order Blogging In Action, you get 8 FREE bonuses totaling $459, plus the 260-page book, plus the 4-part companion videos, plus the Keyword Sheriff software! That's an excellent return on your $67 investment, so Click here now to order Blogging in Action.

P.P.P.S. If you don't have a dependable blogging guide like Blogging in Action, you risk having all your hard work get shut down in a day if you break a rule you never knew existed. You're protected by my 60-Day No-Questions-Asked Guarantee, so Click here now to order Blogging in Action.

P.P.P.P.S. If your goal is to create a blog, attract more readers, generate more clicks, and earn more money from your blog, then you are losing money each day that you are not following this proven blueprint, so Click here now to order Blogging in Action.

"Definitive book on the subject"

In the last three months I have read Blogging for Dummies and a couple other books on the subject and to be honest with you, all they did was give me a whopping headache; your BLOGGING IN ACTION BIBLE is possibly the DEFINITIVE BOOK ON THE SUBJECT!!!

You will forgive me for referring to your treatise as the B.I.A. Bible, for my intent is not meant to be irreverent, after all, the word bible means book and my intent is to show nothing but respect for a well thought out endeavor.

I believe the word TREATISE is an apt descriptive, for my buddy, Noah Webster tells us that a treatise is, "a formal written account treating a subject systematically and in detail." This is exactly what you have done.

Thanks for the labor of love Shaun, for it is obvious this is not some slipshod bit of info garbage.

Charles Towne
Apopka, FL

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